photo credit: SpaceX

photo credit: SpaceX

It’s nice to see a spacecraft in the “not in low earth orbit” context again. Great photo of second stage delivering the spacecraft to it’s parking orbit for a spectacular view of the whole earth.

image credit: SpaceX from  DSCOVR website

image credit: SpaceX from DSCOVR website

Soft Landing at sea.

Elon Musk tweeted:
“Rocket soft landed in the ocean within 10m of target & nicely vertical! High probability of good droneship landing in non-stormy weather.”

photo credit: SpaceX

photo credit: SpaceX

Like WOW!

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Gif made of images released by Elon Musk of F9 crashing on landing barge. GIF assembled by FredFS456 at Reddit (


Hopefully the video equipment on the barge survived and was working. Let’s hope video will be released…stay tuned.

UPDATE: Musk has added that “they didn’t get good video of the landing attempt” and  “Ship itself is fine. Some of the support equipment on the deck will need to be replaced.”

UPDATE 2: Musk tweeted about the Grid Fins – “worked extremely well from hypersonic velocity to subsonic, but ran out of hydraulic fluid right before landing.”

If you missed the great launch

A parody of XKCD’s “Up Goer 5″ called “The BIRD 9″


Click for full image. Credit: SpaceX/Twitter/Imgur

The Bird 9


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