The Titan family of rockets was a dynasty that lasted 46 years. There were approximately 368 launches of this reliable launch vehicle and missile including the manned Gemini launches. Most of the Titans developement was as an ICBM however the Air Force modified it with solid rocket boosters and it became a reliable heavy lift vehicle used to launch mostly U.S. military payloads.
Probably the most important use of Titans came as the vehicle for NASA’s Gemini program. Twelve Titan IIs were used. Two for unmanned flights and ten for the manned Gemini flights. Titans took on the role to help in the exploration of the Solar system when they were the launch vehicles used for the Viking program sending these successful landers to Mars.

Real Models available for sale

Dr Zooch – Titan IIIC

Sheri’s Hot Rockets Gemini Titan

Paper models

Gemini Titan – web archived model from Precision Space Models (pick latest date)

Titan IIIc (go to models section)

Titan Videos

Titan launch video

Gemini 11 launch


Over at Quest Aerospace, Bill Stine will be putting together a wonderful collection of Rocketry memorabilia that belonged to his father, G.Harry Stine. Some the items that will be presented in the museum are:

  • G. Harry’s personal memoirs of the early years of rocketry 1957-1962
  • The “Carlisle Letters” – The complete correspondence between Orville Carlisle and G.Harry Stine that led to the formation of Model Missles, Inc
  • A Photo Library
  • Model Missles Inc Video shot in 1958
  • And a vintage reproduction release of the Aerobee Hi Kit

Please check this link for updates in the near future
Quest’s Model Rocket Museum

James Huffy has posted links to a Video biography of G. Harry Stine.

The video was created to support the nomination of G. Harry Stine for the FAI Aeromodeling Gold Medal

This is a great video incorporating pictures and video that I haven’t seen. This will be a part of the “Old Rocketeers Reunion Video” being produced for NARAM-50 this summer.

Here is the video


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