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WAC Corporal

Code 810

Reader’s Questions: What is a Sounding Rocket?


General Links:

Aerobee Technical Report

Nasa Sounding Rocket Home

Wallops Flight facility

Wallops Flight Facility during Terrier-Orion launch – 07/21/11

Photo Archive of Sounding Rockets

Astrophysics Sounding Rockets at Penn State

Peter Alway’s Sounding Rocket page

John Hopkins Sounding Rocket Program

Univ California at Berkeley Sounding Rockets

ESA site on Sounding Rockets

Code 810

Black Brant

NASA Sounding Rockets 1958-1968

Astonautix Sounding Rocket Index (scroll down link page)

Nasa’s Sounding Rocket Handbook(PDF)

Wallops Flight and Research Schedule

Tempest Sounding Rocket (amateur design)

Experimental Sounding Rocket Association

Terrier-Orion Launch – 07/21/11


Great intro into Sounding Rockets

Great video from 1960 of a NASA Argo D8 prep and launch

Terrapin from 1956