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My recent Scale Paper Model Builds
Mercury Redstone


The links for  plans for many scale builds are in my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide

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Honest John

Little Joe II

Wac Corporal

Here is a collection of scale data sites. Most of these come from Brianc’s bookmarks.
RMR Scale FAQ…s/rmsfaq.1.html

Directory of US Military Rockets & Missles


Gunter’s Space page

NASA Tech drawings & Diagrams…ms/diagrams.htm

Rockets in Europe


Field Guide to American Spacecraft

John Pursley’s site

George Gassaway’s Scale Links

Space in Miniature

Spaceline history of the Cape

NASA Technical Reports Server

Meatball Rocketry Scale data and articles

Jim Ball’s Scale Data-

Peter Alway’s Scale Data…_scale_data.htm

Encyclopedia Astronautica

Ninfinger Productions