Packing Tape Decals

This only works with Laser Printers not inkjet 

You may get different results .Two items can greatly effect this process.

Paper weight

Tape Quality


Step 1
Print Decal Page on laser printer. This process works best with lighter paper stock. Here is a resource for decal pages

Place clear packing tape over the area of the decal you want


Cut around decal

Place decal into warm water for about 2 minutes

tape 4
Turn over decal to the paper side and scratch off the paper – don’t scratch the ink to hard

Allow to dry – you may see some residual paper after it dries. If so, repeat the water soak and scratch.

Apply a clear drying glue to the back of the decal. I recommend Aileene’s tacky glue.

Hold the decal into place on the rocket for a minute or so to get a good seal.