Falcon Heavy Demo Launch Info

UPDATE: Now 3:45 -Window closes at 4pm



Launch Time: February 6th at 3:45 p.m. EST, 20:45 UTC. -Backup 2-7-18
Launch Location: LP 39A Cape Kennedy
Payload: Tesla Roadster
Landing: Yes(2 boosters and main ) – LZ1, LZ2 and Ocisly
Watch Live: http://www.spacex.com/webcast

Destination: Solar Orbit:Hohmann Transfer Orbit   with Elliptical near Mars

AXM’s Falcon Heavy Paper Model



Original Falcon Heavy Flight Animation:


Interesting article at Ars Technica on the Falcon Heavy – Is it obsolete before it is even launched?

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UPDATED: Successful Launch. Orbital insertion. Payload Deployed.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.06.42 PM

Launch Time: Wednesday, January 31, at 4:25 p.m. EST, or 21:25 UTC
Location: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Landing: No…SpaceX will not attempt to recover Falcon 9’s first stage after launch
Watch Live: http://www.spacex.com/webcast

Payload Info:

“Designed exclusively to address governmental and institutional security user needs, GovSat-1 is the first satellite of GovSat, a public-private partnership between the Government of Luxembourg and the world leading satellite operator SES. The satellite enables secure communication links between theaters of tactical operations, for maritime missions or over areas affected by humanitarian crises. It is ideal to enable mobility and ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance) applications. The multi-mission satellite offers X-band and Military Ka-band capacity, up to six high-powered fully steerable spot beams and an advanced Global X-band beam. Equipped with anti-jamming features, encrypted telemetry and control, GovSat-1 will provide enhanced resilience capabilities operated out of secured ground control facilities. GovSat-1 will be positioned at 21.5 degrees East in the Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) 36,000 kilometers above the equator. It will support communications within Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and enable operations over the Atlantic and Indian oceans, as well as over the Mediterranean and Baltic seas. GovSat-1 was built by Orbital ATK, and is offering 68 transponder-equivalent units of 36 MHz. It is designed to operate for 15 years, and has a launch mass of over four metric tons.” -SpaceX

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Falcon Heavy Launch Date

Keeping fingers crossed. Chris G over at NASA Spaceflight is reporting a Feb 6th date with Feb. 7th as backup.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 4.21.59 PM

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Falcon Heavy Static fire was amazing

SpaceX confirms successful Falcon Heavy Static fire.

See this to experience with the amazing sound:

Video without outdoor mic:



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Rocket Lab launches Satellite to Orbit

Rocket Lab reaches Orbit with Electron rocket and Deploys satellite!

Huntington Beach, California and Auckland, New Zealand January 21 2018:

Rocket Lab has successfully reached orbit with the test flight of its second Electron orbital launch vehicle, Still Testing. Electron lifted-off at 14:43 NZDT from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on the Māhia Peninsula in New Zealand.

Following successful first and second stage burns, Electron reached orbit and deployed customer payloads at 8 minutes and 31 seconds after lift-off.

“Today marks the beginning of a new era in commercial access to space. We’re thrilled to reach this milestone so quickly after our first test launch,” says Rocket Lab CEO and founder Peter Beck. “Our incredibly dedicated and talented team have worked tirelessly to develop, build and launch Electron. I’m immensely proud of what they have achieved today.”

“Reaching orbit on a second test flight is significant on its own, but successfully deploying customer payloads so early in a new rocket program is almost unprecedented. Rocket Lab was founded on the principal of opening access to space to better understand our planet and improve life on it. Today we took a significant step towards that,” he says.

In the coming weeks Rocket Lab engineers will analyse the data from today’s launch to inform future launches. Rocket Lab currently has five Electron vehicles in production, with the next launch expected to take place in early 2018. At full production, Rocket Lab expects to launch more than 50 times a year, and is regulated to launch up to 120 times a year, more than any other commercial or government launch provider in history.

Still Testing was carrying a Dove Pioneer Earth-imaging satellite for launch customer Planet, as well as two Lemur-2 satellites for weather and ship tracking company Spire.

Rocket Lab’s commercial phase will see Electron fly already-signed customers including NASA, Spire, Planet, Moon Express and Spaceflight.” -Rocket Lab

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Zuma follow up

Great summary video from Everyday Astronaut. SpaceX completed successfully their obligation to deliver Zuma to target orbit. So lets look at the facts. Watch this excellent video:

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SpaceX Zuma Launch Info: Take 2

UPDATE: Successful Launch and Landing. Zuma payload is on its way.
Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 7.59.41 PM

Top Secret Mission Zuma – an not yet identified payload built by Northrop Grumman. This restricted payload is being launched into low earth orbit which would be compatible with a military communications satellite. No agency has yet claimed the payload.

This Rocket was originally scheduled on November 17th 2017 but was postponed due to issues with the fairing. A new window opens up on Jan. 7th at 8pm EST.



Launch Date: UPDATED – January 7th 2018, 8:00 – 10:00 EST (January 8th 2018, 01:00 – 03:00 UTC)
Launch Site: SLC-40,Cape Canaveral
Payload: Zuma secret mission
Landing: YES – at LZ-1

Live Broadcast: SpaceX webcast: here

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