Model Rocket History


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My articles:

History and use of Recovery Wadding and Alternatives

Cameras in Model Rockets: A Short History

We have ignition-A short History and use of igniters

The Igniter Gallery

Evolution of the Model Rocket Starter Kit

Who the heck are the Paisley Rocketeers?

Model Rocket Print Ads from the 1960’s

The Who the Heck is….. series

Orville Carlisle

Who the heck is Orville Carlisle

Interesting photo of Orville Carlisle

Early MMI photo of Orville Carlisle

G.Harry Stine

G.Harry Stine Video Bio

Quest Model Rocket Museum

Vern Estes

Estes Historical Video Document

Vern’s Fantasy



Early 1960s Model Rocketry Documentary

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