space art
Looking for a little inspiration for your next build? There is nothing like a little Space Art from the Golden Age. A look through some of the pictures from books and art from our past can reveal some pretty spectacular and fantastic ideas. Take a look and see if you can find inspiration.

Analog and Astounding magazine covers (site no longer exist – link uses wayback machine)

Dreams of Space(new updated site)


Stills from the upcoming alternative history film
Man Conquers Space
(in which all those fantastic ships from the 50’s and 60’s become real) -link also uses wayback machine

—————the Saturn Shuttle————

Space Educators Handbook

Silver Rockets

Encyclopedia Astronautica

CD Dynamics

1950s Space Toys
UP Ship

The Father of Space Art – Chesley Bonestell

another Bonestell tribute

Plan 59

Tin Tin Rocket

Chinese Space Program Posters

Dark Roasted Blend’s Retro Future:To the Stars

Part 2 and Part 3

UGO – 100 Best Movie Spaceships

The Starship Comparison Guide Poster