Lemony Lifting Body

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This rocket was made entirely of garbage except for the BT-20 that runs through it's center. The main body consist of a Lemon Juice bottle with the BT-20 through the center. The nose cone is made from discarded card stock that is hardened with glue a filled with Epoxy. The fins are from scrap balsa of other builds. The canopy from the plastic covering new lamp bulbs.

Here are the materials laid out.


The build is rather simple after this.

Here is the finished product.


She Flies!

Here are a few pictures from her first flight.


then a zoom in of apogee


more to come…..

2 Responses to Lemony Lifting Body

  1. Wing Chi says:


    Interesting experience. Is the Lemon lifting Body really satisfy the lifting body physis ?


    Wing Chi

  2. R2K says:

    : ) Maybe get some canards on there and make it a boost glider.

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