Ares 1 – scratch build

Most of this rocket is garbarge or found parts. I spent time putting together just the right found parts to stay as true and to scale as possible. The rocket is approximately 24 inches long or about 1/150th scale.

These are some of the garbage parts used in this build.

  • the pointy end of a beach umbrella (found walking on the beach)
  • Target gift wrap tube
  • clear plastic fins from a trashed picture frame
  • leftover parts tube parts from previous build

    here are the pictures

    Rocket on stand
    Clear fins and aft
    Orion Crew Vehicle

5 Responses to Ares 1 – scratch build

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  2. andre kamber says:

    dude that is so cool how U thought of the idea

  3. bgg says:

    Very good site! I like it! Thanks!t

  4. Bird says:

    Did you launch it? Have you heard about Estes coming out with a kit for Ares. Didn’t they launch one at TARC 2007?

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