Garbage Rockets

Rockets can be made out of almost anything. Using proper engineering and testing even a piece of garbage can fly.The following rockets were made from items in the garbage – Recycling at it’s best!

Rocket materials picture
The Kitchen Sink wax paper tube,paper cone nose(hardened with glue),trash bag chute

rolled paper engine mount

This was part of a challenge to build rocket from items in the trash

kitchen sink
Das Raket Sea Salt Container,paper cone nose(hardened with glue) and filled paper transition cardboard centering rings Das Raket
Lemony Lifting Body Lemon juice container, discarded card stock nose, scrap balsa fins

click link on left for more details

Ares 1 pointy end of beach umbrella for capsule, Target gift wrap tube, clear plastic from old picture frame etc.

click link on left for more details

ICEE Transport ICEE cup,wax paper roll,fin scrap, cardboard



3 Responses to Garbage Rockets

  1. EMRR says:

    Hey, thanks for listing EMRR on your links.. the SNAP feature is a bit dated, but cool.

    Have you seen our new 2007 EMRR Challenge… it has a garbage component which I believe was your suggestion through a feedback to EMRR! Thanks for the idea… Now go participate and WIN!


  2. Clio says:

    Where is template for air rocket in Make 15?
    It sure isn’t obvious from your site.

  3. I thought it was interesting that your ICEE TRANSPORT looks a lot like the Semroc TAO ZERO.
    So, which one came first?
    As always, great website.

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