Free Rocketry Tools

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Rocketry Blog’s small rocket fin placement guide


Open Rocket (Free open source rocket design program)


Best Transition Maker (online – creates PDF)


Engine Mount Template Generator additional info on this tool


Rocketry Blogs free flight record (Adobe PDF file)


Richard Nakka’s Rocketry Software


VCP – Rocket Stability Program


Matt Stum’s Template Widget – Great for making transistions and more


WRASP(the original Windows port)


WRASP32(newer extended capabilities by Mark Fisher)


Nosecone32 (Mark Fisher)


Windows rocketry freeware list(Mark Fisher)


Free Rocket Scientist Certificates for Kids programs and Nice Rocketry Wallpapers – QUEST


QUEST SKYSCOPE- Free paper inclinometer(theodolite)PDF


Parachute Gore maker


Lawndart Rocket Simulation App (currently in Beta Testing for Linux only)


Aerolab and other rocket software


Free Goddard Wallpaper (right click and save as background)


MathTrax from NASA –demo here


Payload Bay Online Rocketry Tools
Centering Ring-Motor Mount Tool
Transition Tool
Fin Wrap Tool
Fin Guide Tool


Body Tube Reference