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photo credit: TARC

photo credit: TARC

Here is a flashback to this years TARC

Click here for the TARC 2015 Photo Gallery

SpaceX just posted this great shot of a Merlin engine painted black.
“Upgraded Merlin rocket engine with special black coating for thermal testing” – SpaceX

image credit_ SpaceX

click to enlarge       image credit_ SpaceX

Watch the German rocket called Mapheus 5, launch in Sweden. Maximum altitude was 62 miles.

“At this time, the investigation remains ongoing, as SpaceX and the investigation team continue analyzing  significant amounts of data and conducting additional testing that must be completed in order to fully validate these conclusions.  However,  given the currently available data, we believe we have identified a potential cause….. ” SpaceX
Read full article here

New video just released 6-25-15



Airbus engineers have secretly been working in a warehouse outside of Paris for 5 years. They have come up with a novel idea for rocket re-usability that could compete with SpaceX.

Not nearly as dramatic as SpaceX. Also not full re-usability since only the engine is flown back.However it is a unique approach that would add some market competition.


image credit: Airbus Defence and Space

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