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A parody of XKCD’s “Up Goer 5″ called “The BIRD 9″


Click for full image. Credit: SpaceX/Twitter/Imgur

The Bird 9

One of my favorite launches in recent memory

India’s new launch vehicle GSLV Mark 3 successfully launched from Sriharikota today. As well as a satellite launcher this rocket is capable of launching a crew into space. Today’s flight included a Crew Module Atmospheric Re-entry Experiment (CARE).

More on the GSLV Mark 3


CRS-5 Mission has slipped to 6 JAN 2015, a new T-0 has not been published.

According to Twitter its a Engine static fire issue and ISS solar beta angle.

Great GIF looking out the window during re-entry (recent Soyuz re-entry)


Source video here

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click to link to Google Maps

According to redditor darga89 the data is extrapolated from the FCC

Update: Flight changed to 19th

During the upcoming Dec. 16th  ISS Resupply mission SpaceX will attempt a first. They will attempt to land the first stage on a landing barge. If successful this will be a giant leap to re-usability.


news source here

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