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Tweet from Elon Musk:

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You once again can order your favorite Semroc kits thanks to Randy Broadway and eRockets. Semroc has moved from North Carolina to Dayton, Ohio after its purchase. You can also still get those wonderful Semroc parts. “Semroc Flying Model Rocket Kits are of the finest quality found in the world.  Their focus on restoring the availability of model rocket kits from the past has excited nostalgic rocketeers.  Many of the models found here are reproductions of the original but modernized to the current standards in technology.  Fins are laser cut and Kevlar is used in most of the recovery systems.  All nose cones are made with quality balsa and many tubes are cut and slotted to make the assembly go easy.  Made with care in Dayton, Ohio from premium parts.”

Semroc kitted their first kit today in their new location in Dayton, Ohio.

Semroc kitted their first kit today in their new location in Dayton, Ohio.

Link to Semroc Kits at eRockets
Semroc Parts

graphic credit: SpaceX click to enlarge

graphic credit: SpaceX
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The X-37B will launch again on May 6th.The launch has been named AFSPC 5 for the Air Force Space Command flight No. 5.

Scheduled Liftoff: window between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. EDT (1300-1700 GMT)

Location: Cape Canaveral

Launch Vehicle: United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket

image credit: G. De Chiara

image credit: G. De Chiara

Read more here


New release of OpenRocket 15.03 . Tube Fin aficionados rejoice because it includes experimental support for tube fins.

Changes include:

Support for scripting in simulation extensions
Experimental support for tube fins
Custom default mach number
Improved preferences UI
Fin fillet masses (no aero effects though)
Custom icons for different mass types (altimeter, hardware, etc)
Mass in the tool tip on the component tree.
And numerous little bugs and annoyances fixed

Get OpenRocket at: http://openrocket.sourceforge.net/

A world record setting full scale V2 model launched at Thunda Downunder in Australia. It was a spectacular Low and Slow launch.

image source: World Record Rocket

image source: World Record Rocket

Height  – 14.04 metres. That’s over 46 feet high!

Mass at lift off – 280kg or 617 lbs.

Powered By CTI O motor

Video of Launch on Facebook

You can read more about this rocket at:
World Record Rocket


photo credit: SpaceX

photo credit: SpaceX

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