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Blue Origin continues to push SpaceX’s buttons. Its like comparing apples to oranges since all of Blue Origin’s flights have been sub-orbital. It wasn’t long after Blue Origin’s first successful launch and land that SpaceX completed their first landing. Now Blue Origin has challenged again by Launching Landing and the Repeating with the same vehicle.


Blue Origin vs SpaceX comparison graphic


BO vs F9 – graphic by zlsa design


If all goes well SpaceX will launch today.

Space-X Press Release: “With this mission, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will deliver the Jason-3 satellite to low-Earth orbit for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), French space agency Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT). The Jason-3 launch is targeted for a 10:42am PT launch on January 17, 2016 from Space Launch Complex 4E at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. ” (1:42pm ET)  webcast can be found here

SpaceX will be landing on a barge in the Pacific.

AXM (paper model creator extraordinaire)  has released a paper model in advance of the Launch.

Go here to read more and download the model.

Here is a great new marketing style video from SpaceX containing newly released video footage from the Orbcomm2 flight and landing

Also check out this great spreadsheet on the evolution of the Merlin engine


Now for all the paper model fans out there AXM has now released the paper models from the ORBCOMM2 flight. Both the 1st stage landing model and the Falcon 9 v 1.2 are reflected here. This looks like its going to be some fun builds. Unfortunately the build manual isn’t available yet but expect he’ll have it soon.
Click here to go to AXM site


Now that was exciting! SpaceX successfully lands first stage on land back at the Cape. Launch with landing made an exciting event. I’ll post video as soon as its ready.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 8.39.22 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 8.39.37 PM—–

Here is a great picture of the booster separation from the Soyuz rocket during the ESA’s Galileo satellite launch this week.


photo credit: ESA

watch the launch recording here


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