Chris Michielssen has released a new scale version of the Black Brandt VB. This version is BT-5 based for 13mm motors.Chris says he used the scale info from Peter Alway. I can’t wait to fly one!


Download: Black Brant VB (PDF)

This can also be found  along with many more of Chris’s rockets in my Partial Paper Rocket Builds

More on the Black Brant

Ever since I saw the Apple ad in which model rockets are launched by an iPhone I have been in search for the app and hardware information.

Well thanks to MAKE and this brilliant kid the method has been found. I just happen to have a Raspberry Pi lying around. Link to Make article Here



image: The Lower Hudson Valley E-Gift Shop

image: The Lower Hudson Valley E-Gift Shop

Build your own paper F9-R

The Lower Hudson Valley E-Gift Shop 
has the F9-R models available. Link goes to main page.Scroll down page to the end to find

For MANY more paper models go to my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide page


I”m going a little retro today.

Check out this build from 1934. It may take a bit of work to make it stable but it reminds of building and flying the TOR Stubby rocket.


click to enlarge

SpaceX has released a new model rocket with payload fairing. It has transparent fins, is 32 inches in height, and runs on a D or E motor.

It can be ordered here


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Great plans available over at Make.

Link to the Step by step plans can be found here


Another great paper clone from Chris Michielssen…

He has now released his paper clone of the Centuri Bandito. You can find this build and other great clones by Chris in my partial paper rocket section. “Partial”, like most rockets on this page , because it requires a nosecone. The Nose Cone is a Semroc BC-522P. There are some paper nosecones available on this page which can be substituted on some builds (look for Eric Truax’s 13mm nose cone pack near top of the page)

Centuri Bandito Paper Downscale - click to download PDF

Centuri Bandito Paper Downscale – click to download PDF

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