Flight of the MegaGyroc

I have always been a fan of the Gyroc. If you see me at a launch at some point in the day I was likely to fly one. Back in the first year of this blog I wrote a post about the Gyroc with a little history.


Well now Richard Boyette has taken the Gyroc to whole other level. His MegaGyroc stands 13.5 feet tall and weighs in at 117 pounds. This Gyroc uses a chute to pull the motor can free so that the fins can deploy in their descent gyro mode. This is an impressive build on many levels and with a  M 1419 and two K 1100’s to boost it is also an impressive launch. Congratulations to Richard and his team on a beautiful flight …yes the landing was a bit hard but the damage can be fixed. Here is the spectacular video:

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