An Electric Turbo-Pumped Rocket Engine

Will Rocket Lab revolutionize rocket propulsion with the Rutherford Engine?

Rocket Lab announces their new Electron launch vehicle which uses their innovative Rutherford engine.

“The Rutherford Engine is an electric turbo-pumped LOX/RP-1 engine specifically designed for the Electron launch vehicle, capable of 4,600 lbf thrust and with an ISP of 327 s.

Rutherford adopts an entirely new propulsion cycle, making use of brushless DC motors and high performance Lithium Polymer batteries to drive its turbo pumps.

Rutherford is also the first oxygen/hydrocarbon engine to use additive manufacturing for all primary components, including the regeneratively cooled thrust chamber, injector, pumps, and main propellant valves.

Electron uses two variants of the Rutherford engine, a sea level and a vacuum engine. The vacuum variant differs only in nozzle shape, which is tailored to suit the vacuum conditions outside Earth’s atmosphere. The duplicate engine design for both stages makes Electron highly optimized for fast production.

The engine is named after the famous New Zealand born physicist Ernest Rutherford.” – Rocket Lab

The Electron Launch Vehicle is an All-Composite vehicle.

“Rocket Lab is redefining how we access space. Powered by our brand new Rutherford motor; small, fast and agile, Electron can rapidly deliver small satellites to commercial orbits at world-first price and frequency.” – Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab Website

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  1. mlytle0 says:

    Another interesting, small rocket company:

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