Orbital Rocket Launch Today visible to some on East Coast

Update: A second attempt to launch will be tonight (Oct.28) at 6:22pm EDT – NASA webcast here (starts at 5:30)

The Orbital Sciences Antares Rocket, carrying the Cygnus Spacecraft SS Deke Slayton, will have its first nighttime launch on Monday, Oct. 27, at 6:45 p.m. EDT from Wallops Island, VA. This should be visible for a large area of the East Coast. This Orb-3 Cygnus spacecraft is named after Deke Slayton

“The Orb-3 mission represents the fifth launch of the company’s Antares rocket in its first 18 months of operations. It will also be the fourth cargo delivery mission to the ISS by a Cygnus spacecraft, including the 2013 demonstration flight. For Orb-3, Orbital will deliver its largest load of cargo to date, carrying approximately 5,050 pounds (2,290 kilograms) of cargo to the ISS for NASA. At the conclusion of the Orb-3 mission, the company will have carried a total of 13,378 pounds (6,078 kilograms) of essential supplies, equipment and scientific experiments to the ISS and will have removed 13,444 pounds (6,097 kilograms) of disposal cargo, a vital capability for the maintenance and operation of the Station.” – Orbital Sciences


To learn more about the Antares vehicle click here

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