Amateur rocket team launches rocket to 73.1 miles

CSXT(Civilian Space eXploration Team) launched their new “GoFast” rocket on July 14th to an confirmed altitude of 73.1 miles or 385,800 feet. This is the second successful space launch for the team. The CXST first entered the record books in 2004 becoming the first amateur rocket to reach space.The top speed of the new GoFast 2014 rocket was 3420 mph. According to Ky Michaelson the amateur rocket accomplished the following for amateur rocketry:

  • World record highest altitude rocket launch
  • World record fastest speed rocket launch
  • First photo taken from space on-board an amateur rocket
  • Second amateur rocket in history to reach space
CSXT Team photo: Ky Michaelson

CSXT Team photo: Buddy Michaelson




Video of 2004 launch

Ky Michaelson posted the results on Facebook.

CSXT site

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2 Responses to Amateur rocket team launches rocket to 73.1 miles

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  2. Andrew Hale says:

    The next step must be to design a combination gas gun coil gun to launch such a rocket , gas guns can already fire objects at Mach 20
    …perhaps 70 meters long , installed in an old commercial jet, it would launch the rocket at high altitude , when clear of the aircraft the rocket would ignite , taking payload into low earth orbit …
    There’s a Big market putting into orbit micro satellites the size of a ‘soda can’ ….15,000 dollars/Kg

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