SpaceX CRS-3 Mission Details and Links


UPDATE: Launch delayed to March 30th

“To ensure the highest possible level of mission assurance and allow additional time to resolve remaining open items, SpaceX is now targeting March 30th  for the CRS-3 launch, with April 2nd  as a back-up.  These represent the earliest available launch opportunities given existing schedules, and are currently pending approval with the Range.  

Both Falcon 9 and Dragon are in good health; given the critical payloads on board and significant upgrades to Dragon, the additional time will ensure SpaceX does everything possible on the ground to prepare for a successful launch.  “


Mission Overview:
After three successful missions to the International Space Station,
including two official resupply missions for NASA, SpaceX is set to
launch its third Commercial Resupply (CRS) mission to the orbiting
lab. The SpaceX CRS-3 mission is targeting launch at 4:41 a.m. EDT
Sunday, March 16 from Launch Complex 40 at the Cape Canaveral
Air Force Station, Florida.

If all goes as planned, Dragon will arrive at the station on
Tuesday, March 18, when it will be grappled and berthed to the
complex for an expected four-week visit. Dragon is scheduled to
return to Earth on April 17 for a parachute-assisted splashdown
off the coast of southern California. Dragon is the only space
station cargo craft capable of returning a significant amount of
supplies back to Earth, including experiments.

Cargo Contents:

Dragon will be filled with about 4,600 pounds of supplies and payloads, including critical materials to support more than
150 investigations that will occur during Expeditions 39 and 40. Dragon will carry four powered cargo payloads in its
pressurized section and two in its unpressurized trunk, a first for SpaceX. Dragon will return with about 3,600 pounds of
cargo, which includes crew supplies, hardware and computer resources, science experiments, biotechnology, and space
station hardware.
Falcon 9 will deliver five CubeSats to orbit as part of the CRS-3 mission, contained in four Poly Picosatellite
Orbital Deployers (P-PODs).

Exciting Highlights:

Falcon has Legs!!!

more info here and here

photo credit: SpaceX

photo credit: SpaceX

SpaceX Stats Page

The launch will be webcast live, with commentary from SpaceX corporate headquarters in Hawthorne, CA, at and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at

Press Kit can be found here


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