Falcon 9 1.1 lifts off SES 8 deployed

At 5:41 pm ET today the Falcon 9 1.1 roared ( and I do mean roared) into the sky carrying the SES 8 Commercial TV satellite into orbit. The flight was quite spectacular. The separation of the 1st stage was followed by second stage ignition and then re-ignition and controlled return fire of the first stage.  This was quite visible in the broadcast video of the event. It will be interesting to hear how the recovery of the first stage went.

jump here for the separation and re-ignition as the first stage falls away (moves out of sight in video at 3:33)

UPDATE:  Great view taken by someone in Orlando – great video of 1st stage firing control jets after separation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muWftxDkl8g

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