New Semroc Kits for NARAM-55



From Semroc:

“We have just released five new kits just before NARAM-55. The two “War in Space” kits from Centuri are done. The Satellite Killer™ and the Red-Eye™ were the only known entries, but we have some more wraps to extend the series. More later in this memo. TheEgg Crate™ from Centuri is complete. It now has two interchangeable mounts included. Fly with a singel 24mm, long or short, or dual 18mm engines. Two new Groonies are released. The Yung’un’s Nuke™ and the Snake Jumper™ have been in the works and are finally finished.” -Semroc Press Release

The Snake Jumper is a kit version of the Evel Knevel’s Sky Cycle in which you can download and build the cardstock version for free from here. Just go to my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide.

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