NASA to migrate ISS computers from Windows to Linux


Citing stability issues NASA has announced they will be migrating the ISS laptops and PCs from Windows to Linux. Being a long time Linux user and typing this on a Linux system I am happy to hear about this change. Linux has been used in many of the ISS systems but it nice to see the move to the workstations as well.

It looks like NASA is heavy into Debian but also uses Red Hat and Centos. The ISS workstations will be Debian 6.A quick search for Linux on the NASA website shows that there is a substantial Linux culture at NASA within research and operations. Lets not forget the recent  Robonaut 2 Linux powered robot.

They have contracted with the Linux Foundation to get the astronauts and specialist up to speed with the OS change. Information on this can be found here: Linux Foundation

UPDATE: More now being reported at ZDNet


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28 Responses to NASA to migrate ISS computers from Windows to Linux

  1. Mordanicus says:

    This is really good news!

  2. Deadwood Ted says:

    Has JoeMonco weighed in on this at all? I can’t form an opinion without help from JoeMonco.

  3. k4t434sis says:

    Reblogged this on kat5 . postfix.

  4. JoeMonco says:

    Random question, but how much do cucumbers cost in space, Ted?

  5. cres2657 says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Packets.

  6. johnfail says:

    Reblogged this on Project Failure and commented:
    This is just awesome news. It’s always good to see Linux getting some high profile exposure.

  7. gonzalovc says:

    What took NASA so long? 😉

  8. Duz says:

    Gnu/Linux is multi-tasking, multi-user, offering up to 36 work spaces and 200 open windows, concurrently, on each work space. That’s typical, to offer 7,200 windows, vs. the 4 in Microsoft, which cause system crash…

    In-Flight operations (such as lab experiments, some protocols in orbit, and normal operations) are critical, and a crashed operating system can be “bad news”!

    Besides, being immune to the 50 million certified Microsoft Virus can be a
    security asset!

  9. effie says:

    Competency vs. that MSFT. crap ware, virus ware, nag ware, anyone?

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  11. bob says:

    They have to use old outdated laptops because the transistors are too small on the new ones and are effected by cosmic radiation. Linux is better for old hardware.

    • Liquid Paper says:

      Linux is better ON both old and newer hardware, mainly because is better tested, has no economic but technical incentives for making changes, and mostly, because does not mix the kernel with the user space.

  12. Haywood Floyd says:

    It about time!

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  14. Mike says:

    I remember when NASA used to use Amiga’s. Ah, the good old days! 😉

  15. braverock1 says:

    If they have upgraded from Windows to Linux then we will see improved performance on the space station.


  16. g.r.r. says:

    About time. It was strange that they would allow ANY windows on the ISS considering how insecure that garbage is.

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  18. scargill says:

    So.. they won’t be playing many games then.

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