OpenRocket 13.05 Released

After a rather long delay, OpenRocket 13.05 has been released.  There are a lot of new features, thanks to numerous contributors.  The most important new features include:

– Realistic 3D rendering with decal support
– Flight configurations replacing motor configurations
– Lower stage descent simulation
– Boosted dart support
– New translations to Portuguese and Japanese

Read more about the new features at

In order to support decals, the file format was changes to being ZIP-based. This means that OpenRocket versions older than 12.03 will not be able to read files written by OpenRocket 13.05 and later. Nobody should be using that old versions anyway, so this shouldn’t be much a problem. 🙂  The new versions will read old files without problems.

The software is available as usual at

-Sampo Niskanen


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