“The Rocketry Golf Organization (RGO) Aimed its First Contest with Golf Pro, Shawn Kelly, vs. Doug Frost, at The Ridge Golf Course, Auburn, Ca., March 19 and 26, 2013
Rockets with plastic golf balls, replace driver clubs, as they fly to the green no matter how far. Shawn Kelly, golf pro, will compete against these rocket machines. Doug Frost, rocketry golfer, will have to putt out with a real golf ball and club.” -PRNewswire

On the official Rocketry Golf site it mentions that

“The Merger of Two World-Wide Sports. This Sport was designed to be played on any field with a flag, a pole, and a hole in the ground. However, it was also designed to be played on a Golf Course !”

I can imagine the decisions on a hole. I wouldn’t be looking at what club but I would be picking what motor. Hand me a “D-12″…

Understanding thrust will become more important than improving your swing.

“…..the world’s first rocketry golf game.¬† In the historic first game, Doug Frost, the inventor of Rocketry Golf, played the Game against two veteran Golf Pros who played Regular Golf.¬† Jack Guio, the head Pro at the Shoreline Golf Links, Mountain View, CA, and John Lowe who had 18 years of experience in golf behind him.”

Kits are available on the Rocketry Golf site.

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