Latest SpaceX Grasshopper flight

“SpaceX’s Grasshopper doubled its highest leap to date to rise 24 stories or 80.1 meters (262.8 feet) today, hovering for approximately 34 seconds and landing safely using closed loop thrust vector and throttle control.  Grasshopper touched down with its most accurate precision thus far on the centermost part of the launch pad.  At touchdown, the thrust to weight ratio of the vehicle was greater than one, proving a key landing algorithm for Falcon 9.  Today’s test was completed at SpaceX’s rocket development facility in McGregor, Texas.” – SpaceX

This thing is huge so pulling this off is quite incredible and SpaceX continues to push this technology in its test. I looking forward to one day seeing the Falcon 9 return this way.

Grasshopper, SpaceX’s vertical and takeoff and landing (VTVL) vehicle, continues SpaceX’s work toward one of its key goals – developing fully and rapidly reusable rockets, a feat that will transform space exploration by radically reducing its cost.  With Grasshopper, SpaceX engineers are testing the technology that would enable a launched rocket to land intact, rather than burning up upon reentry to the Earth’s atmosphere.” -SpaceX

* Notice the Cowboy dummy riding on the strut platform. It is especially easy to see at the end of the video.

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3 Responses to Latest SpaceX Grasshopper flight

  1. lunarrover says:

    Another path to reusability will get a small test on Kickstarter soon:
    OrionCraft group on Facebook is launching a Kickstarter project to model a new Horizontal Launch technology. We are starting small, but offer many possible applications and markets. We want to move on to drone markets, then to evaluation for LEO potential. This is a bridge between model aircraft and rocketry, a first. It may lead to a valid solution for space launch. We seek donors to help get the concept evaluated with actual flying hardware of progressive scale.

    Search for Exodus Aerospace or OrionCraft on Facebook

    David Luther

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