Copter Recovery and Vortex Ring Chutes

NASA is revisiting an old concept of Copter Recovery for Space capsules(Link here). If you follow some of my rocketry obsessions you would be aware that Copter recovery is very high on the list. See my Copter Recovery Guide for modeler links and info.
In watching some of the new test and looking at vintage research I realized that there were some new modeling opportunities.
I have built a few models with blade recovery capsules and flew them. I called them Teepee Twisters and they were a great deal of fun to fly. But what has caught my eye here is the Vortex Ring Parachute. I would love to find a viable pattern for this chute and reproduce it for a model. If anyone out there has the chute pattern and line configuration let me know. I will continue to study the images in the meantime hoping to create my own pattern to test.

Man tested Vortex Ring Chute

Vortex Ring Chute test

NASA test video

Tests of a Vortex-Ring Parachute at Supersonic Speed

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One Response to Copter Recovery and Vortex Ring Chutes

  1. Justin Lord says:

    If you are still interested in producing this parachute this link has a gore layout and somewhat of a line guide.

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