Space Colony dreams

Cutaway view, exposing the interior. Art work: Rick Guidice :NASA

Back in the 1970s artist and visionaries pictured great Space settlements. These settlements were like miniature worlds offering a home away from home and permanent residence for Space adventurer.

“We have plumbed the atmosphere to its height and the oceans to their depths. Unless we are willing to settle down into a world that is our prison, we must be ready to move beyond Earth, and I think we are ready. We have the technological capacity to do so; all that we need is the will. I think it is quite possible, starting now, to build settlements in space, to build worlds miniature in comparison to the Earth but large in comparison to anything we have done so far. These worlds, in orbit around the Earth, would be capable of holding tens of thousands of human beings.” -Issac Asimov

The success of the Apollo program filled Americans with space dreams and possibilities of future Space Settlements. It was a magical time for the space enthusiast however the dreams remained dreams. Here is a great peak at those ideas through the artist and scientist of that time.

Space Colony Art from the 1970s

Also look here for a great collection of links on Space Colonies and Settlements at NASA

Space Colonies at OrbitalVector

Wikipedia on Space Colonization

Great Sci Fi on Space Colonies

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