All things Sputnik – 55th anniversary

Today is the 55th anniversary of Sputnik. The first man made object to orbit the earth, Sputnik blazed the way and ushered in the Space Race. Lets take time out today to celebrate with all things Sputnik.

Here are ten to get you started

1. Build a Sputnik and here

2. Build the rocket that launched Sputnik (from my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide)

3. Buy a model

4. Go out tonight and try to observe a current satellite passing over

5. Read a book 2 4

6. Watch a movie

7. Sputnik T-Shirts  and more here

8. Buy a commemorative pin from the Soviet Space Program

9. Knit a Sputnik

10. Buy a Sputnik memo holder

Here are some related video clips:

News Reel

Sputnik Mania Trailer

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One Response to All things Sputnik – 55th anniversary

  1. Stan Taylor says:

    Love & Blessings to all earthlings from the Dalai Sputnik! Water falls from the skies here! What a planet!

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