Hey guys – there is a new OpenRocket available!



After way too long time, the next version of OpenRocket (12.09) is
finally released.  This contains a huge number of improvements from a
large range of contributors.  The biggest improvements is initial 3D
support (thanks to Bill Kuker) and component presets (thanks to Kevin
Ruland and Doug Pedrick).  Other new features include:

- Custom expressions in simulations
- Printing for centering ring and clustered centering ring components
- Support simple arithmetic in dimension entry
- Support deploying recovery device at stage separation
- Support for fractional inches (1/64) for unit length
- Added preference for windspeed units separately
- Added “most recently used files” in File Menu
- Improved printed accuracy in fin marking guide
- Calibration rulers added to printed templates
- Translations in Czech and Polish, numerous updates

A corresponding release for Android will follow shortly.

   Sampo N.

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