Latest Masten Xombie Mars EDL flight

Great multi-camera view of the latest Masten Xombie EDL test flight. This time the flight takeoff and landing sites were 750 meters apart and the flight apogee of 476 meters.

“Less than a week after the successful completion of the 650 meter down range flight on August 9, Masten successfully conducted the third and final flight of its recent Entry Descent & Landing test campaign for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)**. Reaching an altitude of 476.4 meters, the vehicle translated 750 meters down the test range at the Mojave Air and Space Port. The flight, controlled by Masten’s native Guidance, Navigation & Control system, precisely matched its targeted trajectory and met all test objectives.

As with the flights on July 25 and August 9, this test served to evaluate JPL’s powered descent and landing trajectory optimization algorithms for future Mars Entry Descent & Landing (EDL) applications.”  -Masten

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One Response to Latest Masten Xombie Mars EDL flight

  1. Stan Taylor says:

    That was a beautiful video, not the usual boring locked-down footage. The takeoff shot alone made me want to cheer. Don’t know if Masten produced this in-house or hired a production team, but well done!

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