Manned Spaceflight Instrument Panels

Just like your modern car dashboard manned spacecraft have elaborate Instrument panels for operation, computing and guidance. Historically these have become much more elaborate over time and they monitor and control a vast army of instruments. Take a look at these historic panels and the increased complexity over the years.



mercury instrument panel (click to enlarge) – image credit: NASA History Program


gemini instrument panel (click to enlarge) – image credit: NASA History Program


Command Module

apollo-CM-instrument-panel (click to enlarge) – image credit NASA History Program

Try your hand at the Apollo Guidance Computer

Lunar Module

apollo-LM-instrument-panel (click to enlarge) – Image Credit NASA History program


Discovery Instrument Panel (click to enlarge)



Vostok Instrument panel


Soyuz Instrument panel – credit :Russian Central House of Aviation

BURAN -(Mock-up)

Never actually Manned but designed for eventual manned flight.Buran instruments mock-up – image credit: Russian Central House of  Aviation



Shenzhou 6 interior – image credit:

Possible Future Capsules

Orion panel

Orion and Spacex Dragon V2 panels

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2 Responses to Manned Spaceflight Instrument Panels

  1. Burton C says:

    Too bad we don’t have a SpaceX Dragon cockpit instrument picture yet.

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