image credit: NASA

NASA’s protoype robotic lander, Mighty Eagle, took to the skies again at Marshall Flight Center.

The lander is equipped with automated rendezvous and capture technology that contains a camera that allows the vehicle to locate its target and image processing software that generates control commands to guide it to rendezvous with the target.”

“Since its last round of tests in 2011, the Mighty Eagle team has made significant updates to the guidance controls on the lander’s camera, furthering its autonomous capabilities. The three-legged “green” lander is fueled by 90 percent pure hydrogen peroxide and receives its commands from an onboard computer that activates its onboard thrusters to carry it to a controlled landing using a pre-programmed flight profile. It is 4 feet tall and 8 feet in diameter and, when fueled, weighs 700 pounds.” – NASA Marshall

image credit: NASA

You can view video of the August 8th flight here

image: NASA