Click here for my infographic about the launch

NASA has updated their TV schedule to include the mission objectives for the SpaceX COTS 2+3 flight . NASA has given its approval for the launch on May 19th. Scheduled for 4:55AM ET. This is promising however SpaceX has failed to release any updates on its official site since May 7th . I would like to think they are busy preparing for the launch and not dealing with a setback or problem.

I love this little tidbit from the press kit:

Demonstration launches are conducted to determine potential issues so that they might be addressed and – by their very nature – carry a significant risk. All spaceflight is incredibly complicated, and this flight introduces a series of new challenges – it is only the third flight of the Falcon 9 rocket, the second of the Dragon capsule, and the first for a number of all-new components necessary to berth with the International Space Station. If any aspect of the mission is not successful, SpaceX will learn from the experience and try again.”

NASA updated TV schedule