Apollo 11’s original press kit

I guess I’m feeling nostalgic and posting a number of Apollo 11 related items.
Came across the original press kit from the Apollo 11 mission in the NASA History archives. This is a gem of a document exhibiting the style and simplicity of 1969. The document is entirely black & white,typed, and looks as if it was an early photocopy. The art work includes many drawings that are straight out of a comic book.
The document begins with:
“The United States will launch a three-man spacecraft toward the moon on July 16 with the goal of landing two astronaut-explorers on the lunar surface four days later.
If the mission–called Apollo 11–is successful, man will accomplish his long-time dream of walking on another celestial body.”
Here are a few of the illustrations.

And here is Aldrin’s meal plan (click to enlarge)

This is a great document for space enthusiast and history buffs.

You can view the entire Press Kit in PDF form at the NASA History Archives by clicking here.

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