Petition to double NASA’s budget

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There is a petition located at asking that the budget of NASA be doubled.

“Currently, NASA’s budget barely surpasses 0.5 percent of the Federal budget, and has seen a steady decline in the proportions of its funding, now reaching all-time lows. The cultural mindset brought on by NASA has allowed us to reap the benefits of economic growth, creating an influx of people wanting to become scientists and engineers…..”

Read and sign the petition here

Budget of NASA

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3 Responses to Petition to double NASA’s budget

  1. g.r.r. says:

    Sending this to the White house is almost stupid. Obama has been pushing hard to get NASA more funding.
    It is the republicans in the house that are cutting it and demanding that all funding flow to THEIR pet projects.

  2. HPR says:

    Sorta true, but democrats have had a bad record of funding NASA. Republicans, bless their christian souls, tend to spend money on things that could possibly apply to warfare. That is why NASA has done fairly well, most recently with Reagan and Bush I. Under Clinton, things really started to fall.

    Obama is the one who must propose a bigger NASA budget and try to push it through. He needs to demand 1.1 percent and settle at .9 percent, or something like that.

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