OpenRocket desktop 12.03 and Android version released

fresh from the OpenRocket team:


The next version of OpenRocket has just been released. This is a very
special release in several ways.

First, the version numbering scheme has been changed.  The new version
number indicates the year and month in which the release was made,
which better indicates the status than arbitrarily chosen numbers.
The first version in this new versioning scheme is thus “12.03”.
Potential bug fix versions are denoted by adding “.1” to the end.

Second, this is the first release of the Android version of
OpenRocket.  Kevin Ruland has made a fantastic job at porting
OpenRocket to Android, and this is the first official release of it.
The Android version supports loading ORK files, viewing design
parameters, plotting simulation data that has been stored to the files
and loading and viewing motors from  It does not yet
support running simulations on the device, though that is in the plans
for future versions.  (Other mobile platforms will likely not be
supported – Android was comparatively easy since it uses Java

The desktop version also has numerous enhancements, including saving
designs in RKT format thanks to Doug Pedrick, freeform fin set import
from images by Jason Blood, configurable stage  separation events,
guided help tours and displaying the computed motor designation class.
The application has also been translated to Italian by Mauro Biasutti
and Russian by the Sky Dart Team.

The latest and greatest is up for grabs on the website at

Sampo N.”

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