Maiden Flight of the ESA’s Vega Launch Vehicle

Vega Launch Vehicle VV01 - photo:ESA

The maiden flight of the ESA’s Vega launch vehicle is scheduled for Monday February 13th. The Vega  VV01 flight window is between 5am and 8am ET. The rocket will carry a payload consisting of 2 Italian Satellites(LARES and ALMASat-1) and 7 CubeSats from European universities.

The Upper Module and Payload section of the rocket are about 9 meters in height and sit upon a 3 stage engine configuration.

Vega Engine Stats

First Stage

Height 10.5 m
Diameter 3 m
Propellant mass 88 t
Burn time 107 s
Max. engine thrust 3040 kN
Second Stage

Height 7.5 m
Diameter 1.9 m
Propellant mass 23.9 t
Burn time 71.6 s
Max. engine thrust 1200 kN
Third Stage

Height 3.85 m
Diameter 1.9 m
Propellant mass 10.1 t
Burn time 117 s
Max. engine thrust 313 kN

Vega VV01 Site

Watch the Launch here

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