Masten makes technological advances

Since winning the X-Prize for the Lunar lander Challenge  back in 2009 Masten Space Systems has continued to make technological advances. Specializing in VTVL(Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing) vehicles it has a number of test projects on the burner. In 2011 Masten signed a $400,000 contract with NASA to do demonstration flights at Launch complex 36 at Cape Canaveral.

Two of their vehicles are the Xaero and the Xombie. Here are some videos of testing these two vehicles.

“This lengthy hover flight of Xaero was intended to test our new closed loop controller across Xaero’s entire weight regime. Additionally, the modified algorithms were further validated in the presence of high winds, as shown by the fluttering of the tether. The new controller performed beautifully, rendering the flight a total success.”

“A view from the ground of Masten Space Systems’ first in-air engine relight on May 26, 2010. The test was a complete success and is another step forward in our test program.”

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