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Masten Space Systems latest Xaero Free Flight

“Upon completion of Xaero’s free flight hover earlier this month, she performed yet another successful free flight to an altitude of 61 meters on February 17th, 2012. The exterior view of the flight reveals a bobble at apogee, as well … Continue reading

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NASA Commercial Crew Program Poster

NASA has released a printable poster for the Commercial Crew Program. Here it is:   “This is a printable poster of the aerospace companies NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP) entered into Space Act Agreements with during Commercial Crew Development Round … Continue reading

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Build your own SpaceX Falcon 9

Are you a fan of SpaceX or just a space modeler or rocketeer looking for your next build? Why not build a SpaceX Falcon 9 in time for its first launch to the IIS in April? You have a options … Continue reading

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Vega launch successful

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Maiden Flight of the ESA’s Vega Launch Vehicle

The maiden flight of the ESA’s Vega launch vehicle is scheduled for Monday February 13th. The Vega  VV01 flight window is between 5am and 8am ET. The rocket will carry a payload consisting of 2 Italian Satellites(LARES and ALMASat-1) and … Continue reading

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Masten Xaero Free Flight Video

Xaero has finally been set free from tethered flight and in this new video rises into the sky for a 22 second textbook flight.  

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NASA’s Bolden announces – “Bring us your plans…”

NASA’s administrator announced today a challenge to commercial space companies. “Now, we’ve launched our call for the next phase of our ambitious program to develop an integrated system for transporting crew to LEO and potentially astronauts to the ISS. Earlier … Continue reading

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