New Rocketry Vendor 3D Rocketry Launches

3D Rocketry has just launched  its online store. 3D Rocketry is owned and operated by Bill Carpenter. These are some beautiful rockets with a really unique fin design. The store has launched with two cool 29mm models but coming soon are 24mm and 38mm designs for both low and high power flyers.

Here is a little background on Bill and his business:

“In the mid 60’s as a kid my buddies and I would build and fly Estes rockets at the local park and small fields in north east Illinois. Back then you ordered by mail and waited 2-3 weeks to get your kits. We would turn in empty pop bottles for the deposit and buy kits and engines. As I got older I got more involved into school activities and not rocketry. I got back into rockets in the 90’s when my two boys were about 10 years old and they built rockets in school science class in Antioch Illinois. We would launch at a school field and with a group out in Harvard Illinois at a sod farm. Great fun and a great group of people. The group moved their launches to west of Chicago and we lost interest in rockets as my boys grew older and found other interests. Around 2009 while I was unemployed I started playing around with Rocksim and really enjoy designing scratch scale rockets and new scratch designs. I have posted many of my designs on a number of forums. In 2011 the Wildman Tim Lehr had a design contest to expand his product line and I entered about 5 designs. Well to my surprise 3 of the 5 were chosen as winners. The Wildman was giving gift certs to the winners so I picked parts to start my own online store and showcase a new fin design that I really enjoy creating. Tim’s contest really got my creative juices working and I wanted to come up with something new and unique, so begins 3D Rocketry. As the business grows I want to offer my designs in different sizes to appeal to low power fliers up to high power.” -Bill Carpenter

3D Rocketry Website

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2 Responses to New Rocketry Vendor 3D Rocketry Launches

  1. Windbourne says:

    nice. And a good story since I grew up in Wonder Lake Ill. But, are these rockets USA made, or are these just more Cheap Chinese imports?

  2. They are LOC parts and quality USA plywood.

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