2011 Rocketeer Unique Gift Guide

Of course the first thing that comes to mind for Holiday gifts for Rocketeers is more rockets! That is a given but perhaps you are looking for a more unique gift that enpowers the mind of your own rocket scientist or you simply want ideas to put on your wish list.

  1. Signs from Retro Signworks

     Here is a video about their signs
    To purchase go here: Retro Signworks Rocketry signs

  2. Rocketeer Apparel
    Design 1: Rocketeer apparel 
    Design 2: T-Shirt
    Design 3: T-shirt

  3.  Movies (DVDs)
    October Sky
    Apollo 13
    NASA: 50 Years…
  4.  Books
    High Powered Rocketry 2 : Mark Canepa’s book is a must have for those entering High Powered Rocketry 
    Sieze the Sky: Mario’s book has great tips for the rocketry modeler
  5. …and finally. Protect your head and neck from the sun on those long days at the launch field.

    Hat Design 1

    Hat Design 2

    Hat Design 3 

    Happy Shopping! … and of course buy a rocket

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