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NASA completed a 500 second burn of the new J-2X rocket engine recently at Stennis Space Center. The J-2 has a wonderful lineage that was pinnacled by its succesful use in the Saturn V S-II and S-IVB stages.

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“The new J-2X is designed to be more efficient and simpler to build than its Apollo J-2 ancestor, and cost less than the Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME).[5] Design changes include the removal of beryllium, a redesign of all the electronics, and the use of 21st-century joining techniques.” -Wikipedia – J-2

Here is the video from the recent 500 second test burn at Stennis Space Center’s test stands. Wow! would love to see and hear that in person.

The J-2X rocket engine will help carry the Orion spacecraft (or variant) and its crew, cargo, equipment and science experiments beyond Earth orbit. The new SLS, heavy-lift rocket will be safe, affordable and sustainable, and help NASA explore deep space.