Nazis in Space

As the buzz increases over the cloud sourced (crowd sourced) 2012 movie release of the Nazi space epic “Iron Skies” , its time to look again at how close the Nazis came to having a space presence.

Time Magazine: How a Movie About Nazis from Space Got Made

Iron Skies –


Did the Nazis have a Space Program? (Discovery News)

Of course the V2 was the product of the rocketry program. Look here for additional V2 resources and this great paper model. Also read here about the first rocket into space (a hacked V2).

additional resources from my blog:

A Little Von Braun

Rocket Planes on the Drawing Boards of the Third Reich

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One Response to Nazis in Space

  1. R2K says:

    A fun idea for a film. Zero science or history behind it 🙂 But fun.

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