New documentary film “American Rocketeer” to debut at Caltech

Frank Malina, Theodore von Karman, Jack Parsons and Tsien Hsue-Shen are among the men cast the story of the beginnings of JPL. In a new documentary by Blaine Baggett called “American Rocketeer” the story is told of this group  and the beginnings of JPL.

Link to great Audio Podcast with Blaine Baggett

“The 90-minute “American Rocketeer” tells the little-known and controversial story of Frank Malina, who was a Caltech graduate student studying aviation engineering in the 1930s when two young men wanting to build rockets approached him. He agreed to team up, having no idea of what that decision would mean to his life, to Caltech and to the nation. “-Caltech

The film will debut at Caltech Tuesday October 25th at 8pm and will also air Nov. 3 on KCET.

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2 Responses to New documentary film “American Rocketeer” to debut at Caltech

  1. Gail Lake says:

    Absolutely a job well done. Frank Malina will be remembered for his
    amazing contributions and unlimited insight, talent and dedication to his
    beliefs and life’s endeavors. He will not be forgotten, but take his place
    in the history of rocket science.

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