Carmack Prize Attempt – Qu8k at Balls 20

UPDATE: Derek will be answering any questions you may have over at Slashdot. Click here to submit a question.

Derek Deville holds camera unit from the Qu8k rocket

I have been meaning to write about this for days. This is the incredible Carmack Prize Attempt launch of the Qu8k rocket at Balls 20. This is one of the more exciting amateur launches reaching 121,000 feet and travel up to 2180 mph. It goes to show you how as individuals near space is within reach using High Power Rocketry techniques. I must commend Derek Deville for a job well done. Unfortunately one of the rules of the Carmack Prize states that “The rocket must record a GPS serial log of the flight with at least one report above 100,000ft plus the launch altitude.” and it is the understanding of the Rocketry Blog that the GPS data was unfortunately lost.

“On September 30, 2011 at 11:08am, Derek Deville’s Qu8k (pronounced “Quake”) launched from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to an altitude of 121,000′ before returning safely to earth. Above 99% of the atmosphere the sky turns black in the middle of the day and the curvature of the earth is clearly visible.”

Link here to the Qu8k Website


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    Hi Derek my name is Ben van eeden from South Africa. Could you be kind enough to give me you electronics parameters of your Gyro ,Accelerometer ,GPS, Altimeter.Im busy setting up my own electronics for a similar size vehicle as yours and would like to see which parameters you have worked according to so i can get my guy to start sorting out my electronics
    Will be much apreciated Derek .
    Kind Regards

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