Model Rocket of the Week: Astro-1

Launch of my Semroc Astro-1

Many rocketeers from the golden age of rocketry were brought into the sport through beginners kits. The most famous kit was probably the Estes Alpha but many chose the Centuri Astro-1.
The Astro-1 appeared for the first time in the 1969 Centuri catalog. Centuri designed the Astro-1 to be an excellent beginners kit. One of my favorite aspects of the Astro-1 were the large fins that just screamed “Speed”! The Astro-1 included a new concept known as the “Quick-Change” engine lock that became standard on model rockets. Initially the Plastic Nose Cone was advertised as a “Plastic Payload Cone” and the parachute was a mighty 16 inch diameter. The model was available from Centuri from 1969 until 1983.

Centuri #KB-17 and was introduced with a price of $1.75

The original plans can be found at Jim-Z – Link here

Parts for Centuri Astro 1 #KB-17/#5047

  • 1 PNC     5”   (2 parts on payload version)
  • 1  Elastic Shock Cord               SC-18   1/8″W x 24″L
  • 1  Shock Cord Fastener           SCF-1
  • 1 Chute         16”
  • 1 Body Tube    9.45” L      ST-10
  • 1 Launch Lug     2.25″ L   LL-2
  • 1  Balsa Sheet     BFM-10  3″W x 11″L x 3/32″  – Pattern here
  • 1  Thrust Ring       3/8″L     TR-7
  • 2  Centering Rings    1/4″L   CR-10
  • 1  Engine Tube         3″L     ST-7
  • 1  Engine Lock              EL-1
  • 1  Decal    3″W x 4.5″L   – Pattern here

Kits available:
Semroc Astro-1 (Great kit and true to the original)

You can also print up a lovely downscale of the Astro-1.

Astro-1 downscale by Chris Michielssen available in my Partial Paper Rockets section.

Click here to download this paper model. (you will need a PNC-5 Mosquito nose cone or print one from here)

Centuri Astro 1

Chris's downscale of the Centuri Astro 1

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  3. Jorge says:

    This paperrocket can fly and how? I refer to the paper model.

    Please explain this.

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