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Nazis in Space

As the buzz increases over the cloud sourced (crowd sourced) 2012 movie release of the Nazi space epic “Iron Skies” , its time to look again at how close the Nazis came to having a space presence. Time Magazine: How a … Continue reading

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Musk appears today in front of House Committee on Science, Space and Technology

Elon Musk appeared today in front of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology to give an update on the Commercial Crew Development program. “In the coming years, SpaceX will collect significant data and experience on the Falcon 9 and Dragon system … Continue reading

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New documentary film “American Rocketeer” to debut at Caltech

Frank Malina, Theodore von Karman, Jack Parsons and Tsien Hsue-Shen are among the men cast the story of the beginnings of JPL. In a new documentary by Blaine Baggett called “American Rocketeer” the story is told of this group  and the beginnings … Continue reading

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Spaceport America officially opens

According to Richard Branson’s blog , Spaceport America officially opens today. “The first astronauts to join us on Virgin Galactic flights will be there with us, along with our Virgin Money Australia and #spacecheetah competition winners.It promises to be a … Continue reading

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SpaceX test Merlin engine at new test stand

Here is a great photo of a Merlin engine test at the brand new dual test stand in McGregor, Texas. The company purchased the McGregor, Texas, testing facilities from Beal Aerospace.  

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Carmack Prize Attempt – Qu8k at Balls 20

UPDATE: Derek will be answering any questions you may have over at Slashdot. Click here to submit a question. I have been meaning to write about this for days. This is the incredible Carmack Prize Attempt launch of the Qu8k rocket … Continue reading

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Model Rocket of the Week: Astro-1

Many rocketeers from the golden age of rocketry were brought into the sport through beginners kits. The most famous kit was probably the Estes Alpha but many chose the Centuri Astro-1. The Astro-1 appeared for the first time in the … Continue reading

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