Blue Origin suffers setback

Craft approaching 45,000 feet-moments before shutdown photo credit: Blue Origin

First reported by the Wall Street Journal, Blue Origin lost a spacecraft on August 24th. According to the reports the craft had to be destroyed after control was lost after the craft surpassed Mach 1 at was at about 45,000 feet. Blue Origin is owned by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos.

“Three months ago, we successfully flew our second test vehicle in a short hop mission, and then last week we lost the vehicle during a developmental test at Mach 1.2 and an altitude of 45,000 feet. A flight instability drove an angle of attack that triggered our range safety system to terminate thrust on the vehicle. Not the outcome any of us wanted, but we’re signed up for this to be hard, and the Blue Origin team is doing an outstanding job. We’re already working on our next development vehicle.” -Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin

Original Wall Street Journal Article

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